Automatic Filter

Updated: Oct 12

The smallest affordable automatic filter available on the market today , 3/4" up to 2"

The MK Automatic Filter sized at 12" X 16" delivers automatic filtration solutions for small pipe diameters with reliable and affordable prices and over 30 years of proven technologies.

Features & Benefits

• The AF. design for small pipe diameter

• Pipe sizes available 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2"

• Filter size 12" X 16" and up depend on flow requirements'

• Affordable

• backwash options: time, restriction water pressure

• Construction, operation with over 30 years of proven technology

• Ease of installation and maintenance

The Filter:

With Screen elements available between 30-200 mash, the automatic filters are made for a wide range of water conditions in agriculture, irrigation, and industrial applications. The MK filter is available in various sizes and flow options. The filter is constructed from high-quality engineered plastic materials providing excellent mechanical and durability strengths, with ease of installation and maintenance.

The filter applications provide superior hydraulic performance for Greenhouse Nursery, livestock, and industrial applications. The electric over hydraulic valves available in several sizes and flow ranges. we offer ease of operation and reliability over time with high resistance to corrosive water containing fertilizers and other chemicals, manufactured with the highest quality materials for dependable operation day after day.

Automatic filter operation:

Water flow through filter inlet, screen through flow filter outlet, when the screen filled with dirt it slows the flow of water in outlet and pressure drop, PD detects pressure differential (PD) and activate backwash mode. Flow valve close, backwash valve open and water flow through the filter and clean screen.

The filter plastic materials providing excellent mechanical and durability strengths, with ease of installation and maintenance.

Automatic beck wash options:

Water Pressure: PD (pressure differentiation) Filter water pressure outlet is lower than the water inlet. The PD controller changes into backwash and water flow through the filter screen and out through the bottom valve, for optional set time based on water quality. (default set to 10second) see controller direction.

Time: the filter backwash setup to time activation setup. For example, every 60sec backwash for 10sec

Screen Elements:

These screen elements are constructed of molded reinforced plastic ribs that support a stainless-steel weave wire or weaved polyester screen for filtration degrees of 500 to 80 microns / 30 to 200 mesh. ( drip irrigation required 120 mesh)

Available Screen Options

Color coded Micron Mash

Black 80 200

Yellow 100 155

Red 133 120

Whit 200 75

Blue 300 50

Green 500 30

General Data Maximum flow rate

Pip ID Diameter Flow rate Max. Working pressure Maximum Temp

¾” 13 gpm 116ps 140F 60C 1” 22gpm 116psi 140F 60C

1.5” 66gpm 116psi 140F 60C

2” 110gpm 116psi 140F 60C


• Filtration backwash controller. two choices: LCD screen or Bluetooth technology.

• Backwash activate by DP or time interval,depend on control setting.

• The filter assembly included the Filter, Valves, and the controller.


• Operating temperature: -45F to 122F

• Controller case IP66 | Dust and watertight

• Front panel cover protection

• "H" proof pressure: 14 bar (203 PSI)


•Two options,

1, DC units are powered by a single alkaline battery with LCD screen.

2, Power by Bluetooth technology using cell phone App.

• One year of autonomous operation or approximately 4000 backflushes.

• Back-up memory

• Low battery warning

• Solenoid 9-12VDC Latch 4Ω, G75-A3P 1Ω


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