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Ag-Novation: Unlocking the Potential of Agribusiness Marketing in North America

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About Us

About Us

Mati Karni, Owner of Ag-Novation

Mati Karni  - Owner


Mati is a 30 year veteran of the business cultures of North America and a proven entrepreneur having navigated many contracts in bringing business and economic dreams to life. Through hard work and hands-on experience, Mati can provide invaluable assistance to organizations looking to expand in US markets. Following over 35 years of active farming in the Midwest and Texas growing marketing and distributing fresh products to the retail markets through major grocery chains and foodservice companies and the dairy industries. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with other growers, producers, and farm owners.

Areas of expertise 

Marketing research, business development, and project consultant for a variety of international companies wishing to expand their market to North America. Market segments include:

  • ​Agribusiness

  • Crop production

  • Livestock water solutions  

  • Dairy farms, management, and business development. 

  • Greenhouse growing, management, and productions

  • Fresh product to market, Fresh markets business developments

  • Wastwater solutions 

  • Irrigation

  • Hydroponics greenhouse management and production

  • Food to markets

  • Business development

  • Smart water technologies

  • Crop productions 

  • Logistics and distributions

My clients are agribusinesses large and small companies and in almost every aspect of agriculture, from large multinational agribusinesses to private equity firms investing in agriculture to international agricultural development organizations


Michigan State and Western Michigan U / Grand Valley state  U / Bachelor  in Education / Master in Math and  Education


Karni Family Farm, Wayland MI USA - 

Founder and owner of Karni Family farm in 1981, the farm grows corn, soybean, hay and replacement heifers in addition to Hydroponic greenhouse production of fresh culinary herbs in Wayland, Michigan, Uvalde, Texas and Loxahatchee, Florida. 

Karni Farms grew, processed, and distributed Fresh herbs, and other vegetables to more than 1,200 retail stores nationwide. Some of the largest national US grocery chains, e.g. Wal-Mart, Kroger, Supervalu, Spartan, US military, Meijer, Gordon Food, and Sysco, and many others.

Water world, Flow Dosing Technologies, Inc., Tefen USA                         

Mixrite by Tefen -  Flow & Dosing Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of flow products, including hydraulic pumps, specialty fittings, irrigation pipes, and industrial tubs.

Key accomplishments 

  • Opened the North American operations.

  • Managed and grew the markets with the current dealers and new markets of 2500 stores.

  • Landed two major chains; 30% increase in sales for the first year

  • New products to markets design and delivered


Food processing / Bag in a Box, Aran USA, Inc.

Packaging fresh food and, food processing                                                     

  • North America Business development Marketing and sales   ​

  • Business development of national dealers networks advertising, trade shows, technical support, and customer service.

  • Key accomplishments: Developed brand recognition in a highly competitive segment; grew sales by 250%.

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Ag-Novation offers agribusiness consulting services for every aspect of your business.

From marketing, sales operations and general administration we provide a proven, practical methodology to deliver 100% dependability and reliability. Your Success is Our Success.

Marketing and
Business Development Consulting Services
  • Help to create a business plan based on customer’s goals

  • Review and recommend promoting products in all channels – meetings, tradeshows, digital marketing

  • Help to identify strategic partnerships

Sales Operations and
Customer Service Consulting Services
  • Review and recommend best practices for processing customer orders, billing and collection

  • Guidance in logistics and transportation


Accounting and
General Administration Consulting Services
  • Review the client’s corporate software system, recommend best practices for processing purchase orders, invoices and any other transactions

  • Recommend local CPA firms and auditing services

  • Legal coverage – We can recommend local law firms to provide a legal umbrella

Human Resources Consulting Services
  • HR guidance for workforce acquisition and development

  • Review and guide you through recommended set up for processing payroll for local staff


Here at Ag-Novation, we offer consulting, knowledge and practical experience in the American business culture since 1981. We provide agribusiness consulting services in the areas of human resources, business development, market management, sales, marketing, logistics and general administration.

We provide a customized solution according to budget and goals based resources and budget.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to find out more about
how we can help your business succeed.

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